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Simeulue Island, located 150km from mainland Sumatra has uncrowded point breaks, beach breaks, reefs, off-shore islands.


Situated in the doldrums just above the equator, Simeulue is not affected by trade winds, meaning winds are most often light, gifting favorable conditions for surfing. This makes Mahi-Mahi Surf Resort a year-round surf trip destination.

The Peak – the most consistent wave on the island – is in front of the resort and viewable from all rooms and common spaces, but is only one of many surf options.

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Simeulue offers more than just surfing. With primary forests, hills, rivers and lakes there are many activities for non surfers to see and do. Scuba diving, snorkeling, hiking, birdwatching, mountain biking, yoga and fishing are just some of the things you can do.

Mahi-Mahi houses its partner Healthy Islands, which seeks to provide a collaborative platform for achieving initiatives with other various partners.

Nancala, Teupah Barat,

Simeulue, Kabupaten Simeulue,

Aceh, Indonesia

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Important Surfing Information

How many people will I be surfing with?

Simeulue Island is perhaps the least crowded destination in Sumatra. We are fortunate enough to have waves all around the island, including The Peak out front, barreling reef breaks, fun beachies, and mellow reef breaks. There are waves to suit all levels of surfers and to keep the numbers down. Locals don’t surf (yet!) and charter boats do not visit the area.

What kind of surfboards should I bring?

You should bring whatever you are comfortable riding when the waves are good back home. A normal shortboard plus a semi-step-up quad will treat you well. If you like to ride a fish or a longboard, that’s okay too, there are spots for all kinds of boards. Be sure to bring a ding repair kit and extra boards as it’s easy to snap one out here. Think about bringing a board with heavier glassing.

Can my board be repaired on Simeulue?

Yes, there are ding repair services available from the resort.

What happens if my boards don’t make it?

We seldom have this problem, but if so they come to Simeulue the flight the next day. We have boards for rent during this kind of scenario.

Is there a photographer available on my trip?

Subject to availability, yes.