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The Mahi Mahi Banyak Surf Charter Boat is a 42ft live-a-board speed boat. It will get you there on 2 × 300hp Suzuki outboard engines capable of cruising at 14 knots. Small groups of 4-6 passengers can surf, snorkel, scuba dive, fish and island-hop to the world class waves of the Banyak Islands. Surf one of the best known right hand point breaks in Indonesia.

Focusing on small groups, and short time frames targeting the best swell windows during your stay, we can quickly get you from spot to spot, maximizing your surf time in the uncrowded, breathtaking, tropical Banyak Islands

Stay at the resort and book the boat last minute on a good swell for $1,440USD per day with a maximum of 6 people and a minimum 3 days.

Pre book the Charter boat and get priority during your stay with our 10 day Resort and Banyak Boat Charter packages and get a 10% discount on the daily rate.

Check out our 7 day Resort + 3 day boat package, which gives your group priority over the boat and a 10% discount.
Special Dates - Special Rates 2020

10 Day All Inclusive Resort and Boat Charter Package
Includes 3 Day Banyak Island Strike Mission
Hit the best swell window during these dates

1st - 11th March $1,990USD Per Person - 4 Person Minimum

29th May - 8th June $2,250USD Per Person - 4 Person Minimum

13th - 23rd July $2,250USD Per Person - 4 Person Minimum

1st - 11th September $2,250USD Per Person - 4 Person Minimum

Rates: $1440 USD per day for a group of max 5 people (minimum 3 days).

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Our 12ft. 40HP speed boat can get small groups to various outer-island spots around Simeulue for surfing, snorkelling, fishing, scuba diving, swimming, and island hoping. Enjoy lunch on a deserted island, or charter new dive spots all in the same day.

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Important Boat Charter Information

How big is the Mahi-Mahi?

It's 42ft, fibreglassed hull. It has 2x300 Suzuki HP engines.

Is the boat safe?

Absolutely, we have a western certified boat captain, and comply with strict safety standards, keeping life-vests and a small boat with us incase anything should happen.

How long does it take to get to the Banyaks?

It depends on the weather but normally around 4-5 hours.

When do we leave for the Banyaks?

Usually we leave at nighttime so you can sleep and arrive in the morning, maximizing your surf-time. However, the time we leave is determined by the captain and the weather report.

I've already paid for my rooms and want to do a trip, how does billing work?

The boat is $1,440USD/day. Rooms are billed per-night. So, we deduct room charges for the nights you are on the boat. HOWEVER, because we bill the boat per day, out of a courtesy to you to cut down on transit time and maximize surf time in the Banyaks, we usually do the crossing to the Banyaks at night, arriving to the boat and leaving Simeulue BEFORE the pay period of the boat starts - for this night, we still charge for your room. If you don't want to leave at night, we can leave in the morning, but it does cut down on your surf time in the Banyaks.

For example, you take a three day trip to the Banyaks in the middle of your pre-booked stay at Mahi-Mahi. For example's sake, you are paying for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday on the boat. You choose to leave Sunday night to get there sooner. We deduct your room charge for Monday and Tuesday night (you return Wednesday and sleep at Mahi-Mahi), even though you left for the boat late Sunday night from Mahi-Mahi.

Will I get sea sick?

Some people do, but we keep motion sickness pills stocked and available.

How do I book the boat?

You can book the boat while at Mahi-Mahi Surf Resort if a swell looks really good, but someone else may be thinking the same thing! So if you know you want to book the boat, then it’s best to book our 7 day resort + 3 day boat package which gives you priority over the boat and a 10% discount.

How many people can be on the boat?

For surf passengers, we allow 6, but more can come along if everyone is willing to sleep in tight quarters.

How many spots are in the Banyaks?

Lots. the waves are quite good, with 6+ spots facing all different directions, no matter what the wind there is something that is working.

I’m new to surfing, will I be able to surf?

We recommend intermediates and above go to the Banyaks. There are plenty of waves for those that don’t feel very comfortable, but plan ahead with your group what kind of waves you want to surf!

Can my group join another group?

Yes, you can! As long as the other group wants to join, you guys can combine parties to make your trip cheaper overall, but be sure to agree upon what kind of waves you’ll want to surf.

What will I eat on the boat?

Breakfasts time means tropical fruits, pancakes, eggs, home made bread and toast. Lunches range from healthy wraps, traditional nasi goreng, mie goreng, fresh caught fish. Dinner has a variety of burritos, guacamole, fresh sashimi, seafood curries and more. There are also sodas and beer for purchase.

Can kids come on the boat?

Yes they can!

How many boards can I bring?

As many as you want! It’s good to bring back ups, and small ding repair kits.