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Simeulue’s underwater world, up until now, has remained a secret. Unexplored, we are pioneering the dive industry in the area. When talking about scuba diving in Indonesia usually well-known places such as Komodo, Sulawesi, Pulau Weh and Raja Ampat come to mind, now you can add to that a little island off the north west coast of Sumatra that can offer the Indonesian experience of 20-30 years ago.

Mahi Mahi is perfect for the first time diver as well as the advanced diver to discover some of the best diving Sumatra has to offer. Beautiful secluded and sheltered bays bordering pristine tropical beaches perfect for introductory diving and open water courses. Coral pinnacles rising from the depths, big walls with deep structures allowing for a diverse range of dives including, night, drift, deep and adventure dives. Tidal currents provide a constant flow of nutrients which are idyllic for soft coral growth and diverse fish life. The deep depths of the Indian Ocean surrounding Simeulue help keep consistent visibility of around 20-25m and rarely dropping below 15m. Diving is good year round with a consistent water temperature of around 30C becoming a bit cooler at the end of September start of October.

We have phenomonal biodiversity of aquatic life. Pilot whales, dolphins, green/hawksbill/leatherback turtles, reef sharks, eagle/marble/blue spotted lagoon rays, different species of moray eels, garden eels, anemone ‘gardens’ with a variety of different anenome fish, schools of moorish idols, red-toothed trigger fish, fusiliers, parrotfish, batfish, long toms, tuna, mackerel, giant trevally, potato cod, lion fish, glass fish, parrot fish, damsel fish, gorgonian fans, nudibranchs, octopus etc.

Our boat is a 3 min drive away and it takes us approx. 20-25 min to get to our dive sites. 1 – 2 dives can be done in half a day. 3 dives max.

Dive trips for up to 4 people. Small groups.

Please contact us if you are interested in diving prior to booking your stay with us!

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Pre-booking your Scuba Diving trip will get you a 10% discount on the following add-ons:

  • Certified Dives – $40USD per dive plus $20USD pp for additional dive + boat fee $28USD
  • Night Dive $50USD per dive plus $28USDpp boat fee = $78USD
  • Introductory Dives - $60USD first - $40USD for repeat dives plus boat fee $28USD
  • Guided Snorkel $28USD boat fee and $10USD snorkel, mask and fins = $38USD
  • Spear Gun $15USD per day
  • Surf Board Hire $10USD per day
  • Surf lesson including surfboard 40USD per person for one hour
  • Advanced PADI Open Water Course - $350USD includes 5 dives over 2 days. Boat fees included
  • Photo Package - $40USD


Important Scuba Information

Can I dive without having a dive certification?

Yes, our dive instructor can take you out on a introduction dive !

Do you certify divers?

Yes we can get your Advance Open Water certification !

What is the diving like?

What is very exciting about Simeulue is that it is relatively unchartered dive territory! You can pick the spot that you want to dive and hopefully find something new! However, we do have a few places that have large and colorful coral heads and plentiful sea life.

Can I combine a boat trip with diving?

Yes, we are very interested to get master divers here. Learn more about our surf charters to the Banyaks here.