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For experienced and licensed divers, dive equipment is available for rental to do dives from land, or from our 40HP speed boat.

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Important Scuba Information

Can I dive if I have a dive certification?

Yes, and that is the only way one is allowed to dive with us.  We only rent the equipment to those who are confident to dive.

Can I dive without a license?

I’m sorry, you cannot dive without a certification.

Do you certify divers?

Not yet, but we are working towards that!

What is the diving like?

What is very exciting about Simeulue is that it is relatively unchartered dive territory!  You can pick the spot that you want to dive and hopefully find something new!  However, we do have a few places that have large and colorful coral heads and sea life.

Can I combine a boat trip with diving?

Yes, you can combine a day out on the small 40HP boat with diving, surfing, snorkeling, or island hopping. You can also scuba dive during a trip to the Banyaks aboard Mahi-Mahi. Learn more about our surf charters to the Banyaks here.