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Your stay with us is all-inclusive. 

Meals and water are provided to keep you relaxed and having fun. Your stay also includes airport transfers, voluntary trips with a surf guide, free motorbike use, and use of all our facilities.

Bungalows & Villas constructed from up-cycled materials, re-incorporating traditional antique structures, guests can relax in comfort and style, knowing we have taken every precaution to minimize our ecological impact.

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Single Room

Single rooms come with a private semi-outdoor bathroom, ceiling fan, and mosquito nets, allowing you to relax in comfort and privacy. All rooms have a patio that face the garden, golf course, and of course - the peak - making it easy to choose the best times to surf.

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Double Room

Top-floor double rooms with private semi-outdoor bathrooms, ceiling fans, and mosquito nets are good for couples and those desiring more space. Antique wood and bamboo thatched roofing provides a cozy, yet tropical feel. An outdoor veranda gives you a view of the gardens, golf course, and of course - the peak, making it easy to surf and relax.

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Villas/Delux Rooms

A pair of two story villas, fully equipped with AC’s, complete kitchens, refrigerators, common rooms, ceiling fans, and mosquito nets are available for private groups, families, or companies of up to 9 people/villa looking for a space to have a retreat. 

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Communal Areas & Amenities

There are a number of communal areas for guests to enjoy. The Joglo, a large open area made from traditional teakwood, is where all meals are enjoyed, and is equipped with a projector for movie nights, a stereo, comfortable sofas and bean bags, board games and books, and of course - a view of the peak. 

There are two bar tops for dining, a fire-pit for bonfires, a 9 hole pitch-and-put golf course, a volleyball court, and the main highlight - a swimming pool.

Our “Yoglo”, or yoga studio, is made from coconut wood flooring and antique Javanese wood, providing a comfortable and beautiful studio overlooking the surf. Yoga is provided for free to all guests. Periodically we host yoga retreats, if you are interested in hosting your own, please get in touch.

A distinguishing amenity is our Satellite Wi-Fi.  No other resort on the island has satellite Wi-Fi.

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A blend of local and western styled meals are made with ingredients grown and sourced locally, often from Mahi-Mahi’s own Organic Community Garden or our free range Organic Chicken Coop.

Scraps and left overs are separated and used for compost for the garden as a form of waste management. As such, we ask guests to join us in being mindful of our consumption and waste.

Between meals and for purchase, our cafe serves coffee, cakes, sodas, beer, and snacks to keep you fuelled for surfing.

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